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Stockholm family wraps ho...

The average temperature in Stockholm in January is -3°C (27°F). For Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto it can be much warmer thanks to the greenhouse that blankets their home. “For example at the end of January it can be -2°C outside and it can be 15 to 20°C upstairs,” explains Sacilotto. He was inspired to […]

Charge your Phone with th...

The Bioo Team presents Bioo Lite, the plant pot that charges your phone with electricity from plants’ photosynthesis. The system inludes a chemical and biological hybrid cell in order to reduce the scale of a normal one square meter Bioo-Panel for a home use.

KYKLOS [a short film abou...

“KYKLOS” is a short film promoting the unique natural wealth of north-eastern Greece; a twelve-minute trip through the four seasons of the year in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Virgin forests, wetlands full of life, beaches isolated from any sign of civilization, rivers with impressive waterfalls, mesmerizing mountains…a real paradise for nature lovers. The ultimate purpose […]

Yearly biosphere cycle

Animation showing the 12-month cycle of all plant life on Earth – whether on land or in the ocean. Rather than showing a specific year, the animation shows an average yearly cycle by combining data from many satellite instruments and averaging them over multiple years.

A perfect miniature home ...


Rooted (video)

Two trees fall in love but unfortunately they can’t hold each other. Rooted from Rooted on Vimeo.

10 wooden beautifull hous...

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See This Woman’s Incredib...

See all the details about this incredible tiny house and how Vina Lustado lives off the grid on Houzz.

10 Simple Tips for a Succ...

Growing your own food successfully is a constant process of learning which techniques work best for you and your plants. Often simple bits of advice from other gardeners can help provide shortcuts to achieving success in your garden. In this video we demonstrate ten quick tips handed down from experienced gardeners which save time, increase […]