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Natural buiding workshop in Creta

Our second natural building workshop for ths year will take plac in Creta island, right after easter. We will built a gathering and cooking space for the community that will be hosting us right on the rock. The roof will be a green one while the three ides of the contrustion will be buried underground leaving exposed only one side of the building.

We will be building with stones, adobe bricks, cob, hyperadobes, waddle and daub, strawclay and rugs dipped in lime. We will be plastering with clay based but also lime based plasters.

Theory topics:

Clay and natural materials in general. How do we recognise them, where to find them and how to process them.

Natural building techniques. Which are they and how do we built with each one of them.Τεχνικές φυσικής δόμησης.

Natural roofs.

Floors made of natural materials.

Natural plasters.

Natural paints.

Date:   From the afternoon of Wednesday 19 until the afternoon of Sunday 23 of April..

Location: The land of the community “New Earth”  («Νέας Γης») in Apokoronas of Chania. (Αποκόρωνα Χανίων).

Accomodation: In tents at the same place.

Equipment: Apart from a working uniform of your choices you will be needing plastci waterproof boots ( if your feet are sensitive), watercoat ( be prepared they say..), a tent, a carremate and a sleeping bag.

Diet: Vegetarian foods of bio products.

Participation fee: 75€ per person, accomodation and food included.ή.

For more info: Send mail to    or call us in 6932568126.

For registration: Fill this form

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