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In November 2012 we developed the web gate Back to nature which began as a diary that had spread what it needs to start a rural farming. Today, after a route of almost 3.5 years the subjects of the portal are increasing in several categories with environmental, ecological and agronomic interest.
Information about a qualitative lifestyle with ecological and economical way (creative constructions (DIY) and agricultural preparations, suggestions for recipes, cultivation of vegetable and tree service plants, aromatic and medicinal plants and all the beneficial and therapeutic qualities, and tips for growing at home (pot).
At the same time posted issues and programs on agronomic news, seminars / workshops and events and programs organized by various operators on agricultural and environmental issues.
Entertainment and information, book and movie recommendations, photographs, documentaries etc . 

all about nature


oikopolis awards 2014Award for enviromental sensibility

Ecopolis 2014 Back to nature was awarded on Ecopolis awads 2014 in Athens for enviromental sensibility

You can send us your own ideas, true stories and photos about nature and countyside to be published to

Co-founder /Editor  : Dimpari Nikoleta (Agronomist)